Fantastic to get the opportunity to ride alongside the fastest ladies in the country and be part of TB ladies team this weekend with Karina Bowie and Kerry Gowland (you girls rock!)

I’ve only ever ridden 3 x 25s and never a 50 so jumped at the chance of doing something that scared the crap out of me.. As you do. I knew I’d be the weakest link in the team, just didn’t want to be a complete spanner!

Started off really conservatively, keeping to zones as advised. After doing so many 10s it was a weird feeling, Kept thinking I should be pushing harder. My HR was so low at times I thought I might still be asleep! In my head I knew if I was feeling strong I was going to push on second half… Well that was the plan…

2miles in I went to change gear and nothing… Hmmmm. So I tried again, and again just to be sure.. but nothing… For that split second I wanted to cry but instead eased off and had a bit of a faf around testing all the gears… Praise the Lord those magic little buttons worked on my handlebars just not on the Tri bar, so the rest of the ride I was up and down like a meerkat…. Perfect. #aeroasameerkat ??

Oh and did I mention the 5.30am start? And the rain…..??? Seriously, who in their right mind eats at 4am!!!!! Ok, back to the rain… It was warm rain, yes lovely apart from the fact my visor turned into a sauna!?! So up pops ms. meerkat to flip it back… I did this 3 times during the race because I couldn’t see a flippin thing. And getting those magnetic strips to line up when you’re 40miles in on the biggest climb of the course was no mean feat.

After getting overtaken by my 26min women (yes really) I was starting to get a little depressed and then it happened. I saw a flashing light getting closer… Hell yeah I was going to overtake someone!!! I wasn’t going to be last !!! That was all the incentive I needed to push on to that finish line.

Have to be honest was initially feeling pretty down about my race then I realised there were so many positives to take from it. Here’s my top 3…

1) 17 weeks ago I couldn’t walk let alone ride a bike
2) 12 weeks ago I could only turn the pedals with no resistance for 15mins on a turbo
3) I wasn’t last ???

My time wasn’t anywhere near what Id hoped for but so happy I raced, what an amazing experience and absolutely loved being part of TB ladies team. Absolutely buzzing from it all!

Now where do I sign up for the next one??