My first TT for a little while but with a good few weeks solid training under my belt I arrived feeling refreshed and confident.

As the queen of faff, hard to believe I actually out faffed myself for this one… Somehow finished turbo warm up early so ended up riding roundabout 15 times before start…. As you do.

And we’re off! Started a bit like an excitable child but hey ho settled quickly.. Happy with pacing and power throughout and a PB for that course so treated myself to a 10k run off the bike (and felt great ) Weird after leaving it all out on the TT course but different muscles… So I’m told

Overall, really happy and feeling confident I’m exactly where I need to be to end the season strong. And I’m sure there’s a sneaky TT PB in there somewhere…..

Well done to everyone who raced and especially to Laura who even on a borrowed wheel and suffering from the after effects of a virus/chest infection smashed it.