Over the last few weeks things have finally started to click into place for me. I feel strong, I feel focused and I feel confident I’m going to end the season on a high.  But most importantly determined to put the disappointment of the start of this year behind me.

Since that silly fall in Lanzarote in Feb and the subsequent months of rehab for a damaged tendon, I’ve done a lot of soul searching. The hardest part accepting I would miss the World Duathlon Championships and the key races I’d worked so hard for.  With those goals taken away I asked myself a lot of questions…. all why related of course. I took time out ‘mentally’ to decide what next, which meant I relaxed my thinking and did stuff I wouldn’t normally do… Like riding the Women’s National 50 TT semi fit, aware I’d probably finish bottom of the field.

In July after my first ever race DNF, my confidence was at an all-time low. I again questioned everything before making the decision to take a complete week off (ok I ran but no bike) and yes I drank the odd glass of wine… Sounds silly but for those who know me, this isn’t really me. Physically I’d trained really hard to be somewhere near to where I was before the accident but without being able to run I just didn’t feel like the true me. Sad part is I didn’t want to run. Every time I tried it hurt and I felt like crap!  But with end of season goals in mind I’ve persevered and from having to walk 5 times in 20mins to being near to race pace in my first interval set this week, I can finally see improvements and I can’t tell you how good that feels.

It was after this break, that everything clicked into place and as a result my last 2 races have gone exactly to plan. I posted the fasted women’s bike split at a triathlon relay (even managed a decent 2mile tempo run afterwards), Followed by a course and power PB at a 10 mile TT.

So the rest of the season is pretty straight forward. A few more TTs… I’m sure there’s a sneaky 10m and/or 25m PB in there somewhere 😉 and a few Duathlons with no expectations other than to enjoy, get stronger and do enough to qualify and set myself up for GB European and World Championship racing next year.… and that’s what will continue to drive me and keep me going through those tough days.

Massive thanks to Matt Bottrill and the Team/Riders at Team Bottrill who have been a huge support. Also, to my training buddies – Russ, all at Dynamic Rides & TRiKS, who have helped me through the low points.

And finally, Best of luck to all you lovely lot out there training and racing.

Enjoy the ride! X

Pedal North