End of season review: After a solid winter, I started 2016 all fired up with a target of the World Duathlon Championships in June, so not in my wildest dreams did I expect in Feb to be flying home from a Lanzarote training camp on crutches. After a stupid fall out running I’d damaged the tendon over my kneecap so couldn’t bend my leg. Worse than that, this was an injury that would take a long time to heal so I knew in my heart I wouldn’t be going to the worlds in June. Subsequently, I spent the first part of the year pretty damn miserable. The hardest part watching race results come in.

I tried so hard to focus on the positives but it took me a little while to re-focus on the remaining season’s goals. TT PBs aside these were European Championship qualification places at both sprint and standard distances. But to race Duathlon I had to run, and running still hurt, even 6 months after the fall! Knowing my bike leg would be strong I did what was needed to qualify and finished the season on a high, goals achieved.

2016 in numbers:

3 x Duathlons – Overall win, 3rd in AG (European champs standard distance qualification),

2nd in AG (European champs sprint distance qualification

Sub 1hr 25 mile TT (Almost 3mins PB)

So I end the 2016 season happy that thanks to Matt’s coaching I’m hitting numbers I never dreamed possible 18 months ago and going into races super confident of my ability on the bike. I’m under no illusions as to how hard I need to work to be tip top on that start line in April, but with the support of MBPC I’m confident I’ll be in the best shape I possibly can be. Massive thanks to the team/riders at Team Bottrill and TRiKS who have been such a huge support through the low points. Also to Tom and the team at Dynamic Rides for the bike support.

2017 I’m ready for you!!!