1st January, the day when a few of us will be nursing a sore head and resolving never to drink again, to eat less or eat better, to exercise more…. and so the list goes on.

Well here’s the deal… I don’t set new years resolutions. Simply because I don’t wait until the 1st Jan to make changes.  Of course I set performance goals – short, medium and long term, otherwise how on earth do I know what I’m working towards? What I mean is I don’t set unrealistic generic goals that aren’t measurable otherwise; like most, I’d probably fall off the wagon quite quickly.

The reality is we only do things because we want to (we love it) or if we are accountable and that’s why I believe having a coach is so beneficial. I’ve been coached by Matt Bottrill at www.mattbottrillperformancecoaching.com since Feb 2015. Matt has recently introduced multi sports coaching as part of his packages and I’m really happy to be working with Chris Hine from Pure Performance Coaching for this.

I was lacking motivation and struggling to fit runs in with bike training but Chris takes all of the stress out of that for me.  He monitors and reviews my progress against goals and most importantly gives me feedback.

I love training but I can honestly say I would probably slack on a few sessions if there was no one to feed back to… but theres no hiding anything on Training Peaks! So when I think, ‘crap I cant do this’… I ask myself ‘what will Chris or Matt say?’  My favourite part of the day is waiting to read feedback. Theres no better motivation than ‘you smashed that one Debs’

Incidentally today marks my first rest day in a little while but do I feel guilty? Hell no I’ve earned it!


Peace, love and watts X