Since starting with new coach Chris (part of 6 weeks ago the focus has been getting some running back into my legs. I’ve really enjoyed having set sessions and doing stuff I’ve never done before so it was good to get an early season race under my belt.
However, I’ve not done a pure race for a very long time. I think I did a park run in 2015 but generally when I run nowadays I jump on a bike afterwards, so its fair to say this was way out of my comfort zone!
The plan was to focus on form/technique and consistent pacing. We’ve been doing loads of drills so there was plenty for me to think about and hopefully take my mind off the pain… Yep, running hurts.
It was the usual scramble at the start but I kept my cool and hung back, checking my watch that I was pacing ok. It was only after a mile or so I realised I hadn’t even started it… Doh!? Me being me I was aware that there were about 5 women in front of me but I overtook a couple of them pretty quickly.
IMG_1784It was a 3 lap course, and coming through on the first lap I saw my Mum, Dad and Lillie… What a lovely surprise and good timing…. I smiled and waved because thats what you do when you want to pretend it’s not hurting!?  This gave me the nudge I needed to again focus on form.
lap 2 and I could see 2nd lady…. Could I? Should I? I chose to sit at the same pace and plan was to move up a gear for the last mile….. only there wasn’t another gear..
Not today, not in January… but there will be next time 😉
So really happy to finish 3rd lady and all fired up for next block of training.
Happy Running & Riding folks
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