Coalville… the place where TT legends are made. Jesus. I can see why now… My legs are still crying! 😭😫 Undulations aside apparently it’s always windy in Coalville. Perfect..

First TT and first race of the year so nice to get my faffing routine sorted and arrive at the start line exactly 1min before my off.

The first part of the course felt really quick but I knew what was to come so tried not to get too carried away.. avoiding all potholes and dodgy road surface as per Mark Bottrill’s advice, everything was going ok.. until I turned left into what felt like treacle.. and so the grind began and continued for about 4 or 5 miles, until I hit a speed bump on the aero bars that is.. ouch! I wondered why there were 2 men at the side of the road in high viz vests!?

It’s hard to remember what went through my mind for the rest of the course but I just tried to focus on some form of rhythm and even though it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere fast I was only overtaken once… bonus! IMG_1322

And then came the final climb.. affectionately known as vinegar hill. Thankful to have the best support crew around I gave it as much as I had in the tank before taking a detour left for what felt like another 10miles to the finish…. never, ever have I been so happy to see a finish line and the prospect of an off the bike run in my life…. yes really. Spot the multi sport athlete at a TT 😁

A really friendly well organised event and brilliant turnout of 16 women so pretty chuffed to get 3rd Lady …. (I think!?) Well done to my TB buddy Laura and to the TB guys for an overall win, team win and vet win!

Great to be racing again and looking forward to throwing in a pre and post ride run next weekend when I kick off my Duathlon season.