I raced my first ever standard distance in Oct at Oulton park and have to say even with a stinking cold and crap run legs, I really enjoyed it.

Today I didn’t.

Pre race prep didn’t go to plan. For some unknown reason my tyre blew in the car on the way and after watching the sprint race I ended up in a medical tent looking after 3 friends with hypothermia!?!

All this meant I didn’t warm up but I did get to borrow an amazing Enve wheel off Matt. What I didn’t notice was the cassette… it’s fair to say Matt is a little bit stronger than me..

Hearing from everyone who had raced earlier I wore a fleecy long sleeve jersey over my Tri suit and double gloves. So in the first run I was overheating… and let’s not forget, I hadn’t warmed up. So fair to say it was a slow first run. In fact I really wanted to pull out because I just couldn’t find anything in my legs.IMG_1344

Onto the bike and the cold hit me straightaway. I couldn’t feel from my knees to my toes and just couldn’t seem to get any power down. But I was overtaking people. Well I was until I got to the part of the circuit that goes up… it took me a few minutes to realise that I didn’t have the legs for Matts cassette. Jesus. I dreaded this part of the course for every one of the 9 loops around it. People must’ve been thinking, look at that girl on the fancy bike, she can’t even get it up the hill.. !?! Every loop about 3 people overtook me and I had to work really hard to catch them back.

The final run couldn’t come quick enough and as per last week I felt surprisingly good. I managed to overtake a few so happy days…. world championship place secured.

So an AG win and 6th overall in less than ideal conditions. I’ll take that. Best part… I got to share the podium with Matthew Bottrill. We were rocking it for the oldies 😎

More racing in a few weeks… once I’ve thawed out.