If you’re going to have a personal worse race why not have it at the most important race of the year huh? I try to keep my race reviews short but I think this one is going to need a few more words… call it therapy if you like.IMG_4005

I was under no illusions that this was going to be one hell of a tough race as the field was super strong. But as always it wasn’t about comparing myself to others, it was about focusing on the process and me executing a confident, well paced race knowing I couldn’t have done any more. I’m afraid on the day though I wasn’t able to tick any of those boxes.

After some really poor running at Bedford a couple of weeks ago I was actually relieved to come down with a cold/virus shortly afterwards. At least an explanation for a below par performance… But I was definitely over it and training was going really well in the lead up. I’d had a solid TT the week before and was hitting the right numbers in my run sessions so nothing to give me cause for concern. Warming up I felt fine, I’d ridden some of the bike course and technical with some fast descents suited me so I was looking forward to a good race.

On to the race… I never start at the front so it was quite crowded where I was which meant a messy first couple of hundred metres with us all tripping over each other. ‘Don’t go off too hard, just settle’ I told myself. I’d say 5mins into the run I knew something didn’t feel right. There was nothing there, nothing in my legs but I told myself to hang on because I’d smash the bike course. Running into and out of transition was the hardest, it felt like someone had put sticky tar and lead into the bottom of my shoes… I wanted to cry, that bad I almost walked. I had no idea what was happening to me but my body wasn’t happy…. Knowing I was 3mins off the leaders again I told myself I’d pull it back on the bike.IMG_1107

I always enjoy the bike split but today I felt every emotion other than enjoyment. Again my body didn’t respond to what I was asking of it. It was a really tough course but even the descents felt hard. And on the climbs I was getting overtaken… a lot.

My body simply had nothing to offer. I kept asking myself if I’d feel worse for a terrible result or a DNF but I knew deep down I had to finish. I can’t tell you a thing about the final run other than I felt nothing, even when I was overtaken. There was no fire in my belly, At this point my goal simply to finish. Up until today I was still questioning if I should’ve called it a day?

So there it is, a result and splits that don’t reflect where I feel I’m at at the moment. I’m really not sure what happened or why but I’ll take a little time to rest, reflect and take the learns then you betcha I’ll be back!IMG_4003

Thank you for all of the kind words of support especially to the 2 people who have introduced me to the term… ‘one for the ‘f*ck-it bucket’.

Well done to the GB teams for some great results, Leon you smashed it 💪🏻 and to my TRiKS buddy Jac on an uber impressive overall win.

Thanks as always to Chris, Matt and Giant Leamington for all of their support.

Onwards and upwards and definitely still smiling. We do this for fun remember 🙂