I’m sure most of you will have heard of the name modcyclingphoto. Having worked with the likes of Cav and Wiggo Scott is one of the most respected photographers on the cycling circuit and is currently working with Team Dimension Data. Not only the king of cool but I had the pleasure of meeting Scott in Belgium and he really is a genuinely nice person with nothing but positive vibes….IMG_5874

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to work with some of the biggest names in cycling? I’m from Jersey and studied Photography in Edinburgh, exhibiting fine art work and also shooting as a commercial photographer till 2010. I came to cycling by accident, a friend of mine was a professional cyclist (Bradley Wiggins). He asked me to do a shoot for him in London Soho but I ended up going to the Tour de France that year with him instead. This was the basis to my first cycling book ‘On Tour’ After that TeamSky approached me to be their photographer. It’s been a happy accident as cycling is now my everyday along with the music photography.

2. You spend a fair amount of time away from home and living out of a suitcase, so what are your top 3 must have items? When I’m away from home I always have a hat! you just never know. Chewing gum, of which I take loads and of course music on my Macbook to edit to. Late nights can be lonely without some great music.IMG_5906

3. If you had to pick your favourite snap what/who would it be and why? Funny I get asked this a lot. I tend to get bored of old pictures within days. I suppose the one that is in my head is Bradley in the hotel lift after he’s taken the first yellow jersey in 2012. Technically its not particularly a great picture but emotionally it is. Brad allowed himself a moment following a lifelong ambition to wear yellow.

4. Who would be your dream person to photograph and why? George Orwell, his books had a great influence on me as a teenager and helped in part form the person I am today. He was a free thinker and a rebel but with a strong social conscience.IMG_90

5. What advice or top tips would you give to any budding cycling photographers out there? Sounds pretty boring but hard work. You need to be talented and believe but you have to work so hard, commit and make sacrifices like all people in cycling do.

6. Something which might surprise us about you…? I’ve only been riding a bike for 5 years, previously I had no interest in cycling or indeed any sport. I totally get cycling now, it’s definitely the coolest.IMG_5885

7. And finally, tell us a bit about your favourite bike and why? Pinarello, I have 3 but my favourite is David Lopez’s all black 65.1 climbing bike from the 2013 tour. Its very rare and rather beautiful.

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