IMG_8183There was a time, not so long ago in fact, when I didn’t really want people to know my age. Of course I’m not old, but in my head I’m still 21 and therefore in denial?! But what on earth has that got to do with recovery tights I hear you say so let me elaborate…

I didn’t get into competitive sport until my 30s so have never benefitted from training and recovering like a youngster, but since hitting 40 things have changed. A changing physique, saggy skin and wrinkles aside my body simply takes longer to recover and things I could probably get away with a few years ago I can’t now. In the past year I’ve paid more attention to getting my diet and recovery right to meet the demands of being a veteran athlete. For the record I go up into the V45-49 Age Group next season.

When CEP approached me to do a review of their Recovery Pro Tights it was perfect timing! As a massive fan of CEP running socks I can’t tell you how excited I was to try these out and after using them for the past couple of months, I now feel in a position to say a few words…

First things first… What are they?
IMG_8310In CEP’s Words.. The secret weapon for the most effective recovery.

Competitive athletes know: The next round of training starts when the last one ends. FAST AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE RECOVERY is therefore essential. The Recovery Pro Tights feature precisely defined medi compression with a perfect compression profile that improves the CIRCULATION in your legs. This fights sore muscles – for a noticeable RECOVERY EFFECT after just two hours. You can also wear these comfortable tights underneath your everyday clothing and get back to your peak in no time thanks to “recovery to go”.

For the tights to be effective it’s really important for them to be the right size so I giggled as I took a calf and thigh measurement… my ankle to thigh ratio is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, would they even fit?

The tights arrived with instructions on how to put them on, phew! So I got to work and although a bit of a faff to smooth all of the wrinkles out, once on, I felt immediate relief…. so much so that I lay down with my feet up and promptly dozed off….. I don’t think you are meant to sleep in them as I had the most bizarre vivid dreams ever!!! It felt like all the toxins were being pushed out of my body! So good!!IMG_8309

I certainly won’t sleep in them again but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the next day I smashed my bike session. This spurred me on to make them part of my recovery after a hard session or block of training. 2hrs of leg hugging is sometimes exactly what I need.

In summary
I’m a full time working mum and definitely not getting any younger so more than ever I know I need to get my recovery right. Although initially hard to find that 2hr window to keep them on, they are now part of my routine and I’m confident wearing them is making a difference.IMG_8202

So huge thanks again to CEP for asking me to review the tights and well done on another great product.

If you were considering compression recovery, I hope you find this useful. Any questions please feel free to ask!