Ok I’ve had time to reflect, so here’s a few (actually quite a few) words about Sat..IMG_9215

Firstly, is it ok to admit I only entered this as I’d heard it was a fast course? Secondly, is it ok to admit I was relieved to see we had a team of 5 ladies so I didn’t have to worry about letting anyone down!?

In my excitement to get going I started as if I was doing a 10… it’s ok I thought I’ll get a little respite on the bank. I was soooooo looking forward to smashing it down there. I love a fast, scary white knuckle ride. But holy crap, Instead I hit a brick wall….. at first I thought my brakes must be stuck!? I knew I was wasting precious energy but I genuinely had no idea what to do because I could hardly get over 35 mph even peddling hard… arggghhhh, 15miles of headwind was utterly soul destroying 😫

About half way I thought I’d emptied the tank and ruined my race but my gel kicked in and thankfully with a tail wind back things felt slightly better. I pushed on hoping and praying I could at least PB…but it wasn’t meant to be. After the finish I pulled over and sat on the railings not sure whether to vomit or cry. At least I could say I had absolutely nothing else left to give! .

I can’t lie, I was really disappointed with my time and placing but bigger picture… I’m still learning and still improving and most encouraging of all….I NEVER GOT OVERTAKEN…plus I ran really well off it! (Best not forget I’m a duathlete hey)IMG_9224

There’s so many women I admire at these events… too many to mention but it was really lovely to catch up with @nickicarr1 and @kateallan16 both juggling mummy duties, work & training and making it look easy!! And a huge well done to all you amazing TB ladies, I’m so proud to be part of the team! .

Massive thanks to Alex, Chris, Veloskin, Billy and the team at Giant Leamington. Next stop World Duathlon Champs in Canada 🇨🇦 Let’s do this 💪🏻 .