Standard Distance (10k/40k/5k)

This was only my second world championships so I still class myself as a novice, but in the lead up I felt a lot more relaxed than I have done previously. It was great to switch off from work and have a stress-free holiday beforehand.  I felt fit, relaxed and confident of putting my below par performance at the euros behind me.

11_m-100778371-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-2138_003478-10425418On to the race…

The event was really well organised with bike racking the day before.  In the morning I just had to fill my hydration unit, what I didn’t notice was that I’d put my straw in wrong!? I did all the usual checks and ran through transition before warming up. I felt ready for a strong race. I was a little quick for the first km but felt ok, in fact I felt good…for the first 4K anyway… I just couldn’t hold the pace I wanted to and could see my markers getting further and further away… it’s ok, I’ll catch them on the bike! Or so I thought…

On to the bike and a few schoolgirl errors…  with my straw fitted in wrong it immediately started flopping around. I knew I couldn’t afford to lose it so did as best as I could to secure it wasting precious time. Then I went down onto the tri bars and tried to change gear but nothing! No Di2 on the tri bars. I could only change gear from the bull horns… how could I not have checked this in transition. Idiot! I didn’t panic though I kept my head down and focused on getting out to the dual carriageway part of the course so I could put my foot down, I was overtaking but worryingly my power was 40-50w down… Coming into the final turnaround point my chain dropped and jammed so I had to get off and fix it. Thankfully again I stayed calm. Unbelievable that I still managed the 2nd fastest bike split in my AG (Off Zone 2 power!?!) I must be super aero or my power meter wasn’t working 😉7_m-100778371-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-2138_002740-10425414

The final run almost broke me. at this stage I wasn’t interested in placing just getting over the finish line. A spectator thought I was limping. Maybe I was? All I know is my performance was all I had on the day and I left it all out there on the course.

I know I did everything I could to get things right for this race but my running let me down badly.  It wasn’t exactly the race I wanted but I really can’t be too disappointed with 6th in the world! It’s really encouraging to know that with a bit more run focus I’ll be right up there in contention.  First Brit means automatic qualification for next year so great to have that option… maybe not next year but you betcha I’ll keep working hard to get that podium before I ‘retire’ 😉

What next?

I’m still reflecting on what next for the rest of the season but my main goal is to have fun! It would be nice to try a few new things like CX, mountain biking and maybe even crit racing. I’ve also been thinking about races for next year and I’m definitely going to shake things up a bit so watch this space!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me. To Chris at for his coaching support and advice. To Giant Leamington for always welcoming me into the shop even 20mins before closing. To Liv for a rapid bike. To Chris at Veloskin for the best cyclist skincare products around. Your support means a lot. IMG_0444

Biggest thanks must go to Alex for everything he did to support me and make this trip happen. He’s the one that had to put up with the constant barrage of self doubt, he’s the one that convinced me to go for it. Oh and I can thoroughly recommend a naked boat trip as the best post race pick me up imaginable.

Do more of what makes you happy I say.. peace out ✌