She is the most confident woman in the room because she supports those around her rather than tearing them down. She empowers belief in self!

She doesn’t need to compromise her authenticity by trying to live up to the standards of beauty magazines and curated social lives — she knows who she is and that’s enough.

She never boasts or brags, over promises or over sells. There is just an inherent optimism in how she sees the world.

She is driven and is fulfilled by the joy of riding with her friends or just appreciating the simple pleasure of breathing in and out. She lives her life on her own terms, pursues her passions and appreciates the moments on her bike. She is free-spirited, willing to take risks and is quick to laugh.

She simply loves to ride. She is Liv.


A huge thank you to Collette, Morgan, Dave, Ricky and the team at Liv Cycling UK for giving me the opportunity to be a LIV Ambassador. Thanks also to Billy and the brilliant team at Giant Leamington for all of their support.

As an ambassador I hope to inspire more women to ride bikes. Whether their goal is to ride in a group for the first time or to train for a specific race I hope that by blogging and talking about my own experiences I can break down some of the barriers women face in cycling.

I’m not an elite athlete or expert in any of the things I’ll be blogging about but what I can share is my own experiences ‘good, bad, occasionally ugly’ and most of the time, funny 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to drop me an email or get in touch via instagram/twitter.

Much love,

Duathlon Girl x