made another video, yay! Which you can watch here.

A 5am start for a trip to Hull and my first TT since June last year! Ok so it wasn’t the V718 but after driving the course I thought it looked ok… hahahah but what on earth do I know about courses and conditions!?

Warming up I was absolutely freeeeeeeezing!!!! I couldn’t feel my fingers through my gloves and I didn’t have a base layer on…. schoolgirl error. Thankfully the frost bite in my fingers eased off after 5mins but it took a 5 mile run afterwards for me to feel my feet again!!

I shot off like a loon thinking ahh it’s only a 10 but blimey, I’d forgotten how hard this time trialling lark is! My new position felt really good and I was happy with my power, now I just need to get better at pacing and using the smidgen of power I have in the right places. But that’s what makes the start of the season so exciting.. lots of things to work on and Dan’s the man for the job! Thanks Dan 🙂

Not a PB course but I’m really happy with a solid first TT outing, a power PB and picking up 4th Women. Well done to Karen on her win and new course record and to the lads who pretty much cleaned up.

Now back to eating my body weight in chocolate and carb loading for tomorrows team ride.

Have a great Easter weekend! 🐣 🐰