Pre race prep

I’d not felt too great in the lead up to this race, In fact I’d even missed a session because I had a sore throat for most of the week. I can’t bare missing sessions or seeing red in Training Peaks but it felt like the right thing to do. Then I spent the day before the race packing for a house move and didn’t get out to train until tea time!? When I did I felt flat and exhausted…. grrrrrr.  I considered not racing but deep down I knew I was just talking myself into a bad race and a swift kick up the butt was all that was needed.

I arrived really early, registered and bumped into Naomie (Eaton) in the car park. Bugger! Naomie is rapid!! She raced elite at the British Champs and is an amazing runner. I cant help myself, I race to win so I had to remind myself of my main goal for this year… to enjoy racing and have fun! Which is exactly what I did.

Its a three part race

The gun went off and we ran around a muddy field before onto some road, country lanes and back onto some muddy footpaths.. Try running across mud in racing flats – I was like bambi on ice! There were 2 women in front of me – Naomie and another. Like I always do, I kept telling myself its a three part race. Stay consistent.

I came into T1 3mins behind Naomie!?! You do the maths…. it meant I needed to be 5mins faster over the 17 mile bike split to be in with any kind of a chance of taking the lead. I was feeling strong but that was a HUGE ask. The bike course was ‘honest’… although my legs felt better than at the last race I found it hard to get into position and into a rhythm so (sorry Dan) I spent a fair amount of time ‘not aero’. I did however overtake 2nd lady within the first minute so that spurred me on.  Into T2 and it turns out I’d closed the gap to about 13secs so not too shabby but there’s no way on this planet I could out run Naomie so I knew I had to settle for 2nd place.

The final run was even muddier and slippier than previously only this time I had to negotiate runners from the sprint race. At least it was only one lap and I was pleased I managed a quicker average pace. Before I crossed the line (smiling) I reflected on another race in the bag and a solid three part race. I know what I need to work on but most importantly my body feels much happier than it did last year and I’m really enjoying racing again.

1st Vet, 2nd Lady overall and fastest bike split – happy days 🙂

So a really encouraging start to the year all thanks to the support and guidance from coach Dan. Massive thanks also to Liv Cycling UK, Giant Leamington and CEP Sports UK.

Next stop Team Bottrill Training Camp at Les Stables 18-25th Apr #itsnotaholiday