My goal for this race was a course PB and with my fitness almost back to where it was pre injury I was confident I could deliver. 

I warmed up on the turbo and that really helped me get into the zone but I always struggle to hold the numbers on the turbo so it wasn’t until I got out onto the road that I realised how good I felt! The numbers felt so easy, I questioned if I’d calibrated my PM correctly!? 

The race itself was super fast on the way out and my power was the best I’ve seen it for a long time. I was buzzing. All signs were good. Then I hit the turn and at about 5.5 miles found myself sat bolt upright grinding at the pedals. That’s when the self doubt started to creep in… had I gone off too hard? Were my legs going to let me down? This is hard, should I be in the little ring 🙈 (yes really). Within seconds I kicked those thoughts right back to where they belonged and focused on the job ahead. 

The reality was a slog all the way back, watching my average speed drop but I crossed the line happy in the knowledge I’d given it all I had. 

I was absolutely buzzing to find out I’d gone over a minute quicker than I’ve ever ridden this course and only a smidgen off my 20min power PB.

✅ 1 min 7 secs course PB (in less than ideal conditions)

✅ 5th lady

I may not have many races left this year but I’m sure there’s a sneaky 10 mile (sub 23.10) PB in there somewhere!

Thanks for working your magic Dan (see what I did there) 🙏🏻🙌🏻 and massive thanks to Liv Cycling UK, CEP Sports and Giant Leamington for all of their support.

Next stop a 25 mile PB 😜 Believe in yourself peeps and good sh*t happens!