Not a race report as such but happy to report I was back in TB kit and racing, albeit on grass and mud, at the weekend!

I’ve only ridden my CX bike a few times (other than to the shops) so I joined a CX group in Rugby on Thurs.. my first taste of riding on a course. I got dropped at every sprint, fell off twice trying to dismount and couldn’t get over the boards, but I went home buzzing! Buzzing that I might, just might, be able to finish the season with a few races under my belt. 

Of course I could’ve waited until I was a little more practiced and polished but not sure I’d ever really feel ready so on Sat afternoon I decided to just crack on and have a go on Sunday. 

I can’t lie, on the morning I was absolutely bricking it! I thought once I got on the course to warm up I’d be fine but I fell off 3 times trying to get round a twisty bit and up some steep hill!? What the hell. Plus I bashed my knee (again) and it was killing me! At this point I felt a wave of fear creep in. Of course I wanted to stick the bike back in the car and go home but I told myself I’d buy myself the nice coat I’d seen in Zara if I got round in one piece. I find reward always works for me 😀

I can’t tell you much about the race other than I started really strong before quickly realising that a 6 week lay off and 500 miles of zone 2 rides wasn’t going to help me maintain a max HR and keep up with the fast girls. 

So there you have it, job done and coat ordered from Zara. Chuffed to bits I never fell off or caused any crashes and already looking forward to the next one. 

Thanks to Liv Cycling, CEP Sports, coach Dan and my ace buddies Michelle and Mark for putting up with me. 

Ooh and I made a video too!

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’