I admit it, with a house move fully underway I should have been moving boxes, but I figured putting myself in the hurt locker for a bit would do me the world of good, and it did! 

I’ve only ridden my brava cross bike once since my first race 2wks prior but I definitely felt more confident this time round. I even managed the practice laps without falling off!?

I’m still getting my head around everything so I only just about made it to the start in time!? From what I can gather you get gridded according to your results so I’d imagine I’ll get quite familiar with the back row. 

However, I managed a decent start, seeing a gap and pushing my way through a couple of rows to just over half way which is where I stayed for pretty much the whole race. I tussled with a couple of ladies on the first lap before watching them pull away from me.

I can’t stay with the fast girls but I don’t drop off the back completely so I kind of end up in this half way house with no one around me.  It’s weird to race on my own. I’ve not decided if that’s a good thing or not because I can’t see anyone to chase and I can’t see anyone catching me so I just ride my bike. At least I don’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way and about how loud my breathing is. It’s unreal! Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it before racing cross. 

I loved this course as it was a mixture of everything including a nice fast descent but jeez the climbs seemed to zap the life out of me this time. I spent a lot of time cursing my pathetic legs, willing them to be strong! 

I was so close to getting on to the final lap but I just got caught towards the end of a lap. I eased off to let the leader through but didn’t have enough speed to make it up a steep bit so I toppled off in slo mo, doh!?! Then I went to run but my legs wouldn’t work. Oh dear. Maybe a diet of fresh air and living off nerves for the past couple of weeks hasnt helped but judging by the 30mins post race shivering and inability to string a sentence together it’s fair to say I gave it what I had on the day. 

I still can’t get my head round how tough these races are. I’m in awe of all the amazing ladies gunning it round, making it look so easy but thats what motivates me to keep at it. 

Jumping in at the deep end with cyclocross was definitely the best move for me. After only a couple of races of course I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing but I love the learning process and I love racing, even racing that’s completely and utterly alien to me. 

Let’s do it all again next week shall we? 😉