The truth is ‘we only do things because we want to or because we are accountable’.

I came to the conclusion towards the end of last year that I don’t actually enjoy training that much, not without a purpose anyway. Odd I know but I’m more motivated by goals. If I didn’t have a coach, I don’t think I’d bother training nearly as much. I mean don’t get me wrong, training is a massive part of who I am and it gives me so much mentally but without that accountability and feedback I probably wouldn’t do a fraction of what I do now. Who actually wants to do anything other than wrap up in a duvet and eat comfort food when it’s raining outside…!? The satisfaction I get from ticking off sessions that are taking me closer to my goals is what gets me out of the door.

A coach will help you set realistic goals and hold you to account. A good coach will know when to flex this, when life gets in the way or when our bodies don’t want to respond in the way we want them to.

Here are 5 reasons why I love having a coach and why you might consider getting one to help you achieve your goals

  1. Having a plan – I love having a plan to follow so I don’t have think about what sessions I’m going to do each day, just how I’m going to fit them in! Life is busy. I’m not unique but juggling full time work with mummy duties means I only get limited time and a plan really takes the pressure off.
  2. Accountability – using power, HR and a range of data which is uploaded on to training peaks means there’s no freewheeling and no hiding. I hate the thought of missing sessions that turn red in training peaks. Knowing I’m being watched is all the incentive I need to get it done.
  3. Quality over quantity – limited training time means each session has to count for me and having sessions that scare me a bit means I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone on a weekly basis. I often ask myself if I’d push myself in the same way if I wasn’t coached. The answer is always no.
  4. Tracking and Data – I’m not a data geek by any stretch of the imagination but I know enough to know when I’m hitting the right numbers. Having a profile and history of data that can be analysed by a coach means I’m focusing on the areas that will make the biggest difference
  5. Feedback – who doesn’t love feedback! As soon as I’ve uploaded a session I try and play it cool but there’s no better feeling (apart from winning races) than getting that email with feedback.

I’ve been coached by MBPC for the past 3 years and working with Dan Barnett since November 2017.

Thanks for all of your support Dan. I’ve never felt stronger on a bike or more confident that I’m going to keep on smashing those goals.

All roads lead to the 2019 Duathlon World Championships in Pontevedra and I’d love nothing more than to bring home a medal for Dan.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork