Oh I do love racing and on Sat I finally got back into a skinsuit!

You may remember I had a bit of a get down at the end of Aug last year and with a sketchy elbow I wasn’t able to get into TT position so I hadn’t ridden a TT for almost 8 months!

As you would expect I was completely out of practice with the pre race prep (faff) but it was great to have Adam, Donna and Peter Jarps there to lend a hand. Thanks so much 🙂 With their help I managed to get myself to the start line.. all of 100m away from my car.. with 1min 3 secs to go. Winning!

Having not been able to run for the last month my legs have been feeling really fresh but Dan’s words were ringing in my head as I was pushed off.. ‘don’t go nuts from the gun, control it a bit’. So I came down on to the dual carriageway section in full on Granny mode. I probably lost 10 secs right there 😬 But the main thing I was on the course in one piece.

It was fast on the way out and I quickly found a rhythm but I knew it would be tough on the way back. According to strava I clocked the fastest first 5 mile of the ladies but having never ridden the course before I lost time on the way back.

I’d forgotten the thrill of time trialing! I felt fast, way faster than I actually was. In my head I was a good 2mins quicker than my actual time. Hahaha. But the main thing is I felt really comfortable and strong in position and according to Dan I did my third best ever 20min power so I’m happy with that for a first race in months.

As always I could do with racing smarter and I was definitely more cautious than I’d normally be. I even came up off the bars on a fast winding descent part. One poor guy was caught out and was at the side of the road cut to shreds. Today wasn’t about heroics just about getting round in one piece and having a benchmark.

I was really happy to come away with 3rd lady but more importantly to be back in the saddle and racing again. Lots to take and work on but a decent start to 2019!

Thanks to Daniel Barnett for being an all round great bloke and coach with the patience of a saint! Also to Kudos Wheels for the loan of some rapid wheels.

See you on another dual carriageway in a couple of weeks!

Ps no official photos yet but thanks to Peter Jarps for capturing me in granny mode 😃