Ill try and keep it short but I can’t promise, I’m still on an endorphin high.. 🤪💃🏻

Let me start by saying, today was my first race back and I PB’d by over a minute!!!! (Plus I may well have won – There was one name missing off the board!?)

This race meant a hell of a lot to me. For those that don’t know, 9 weeks ago I got a poorly heart (pericarditis) and it knocked me off my feet, frustratingly when I was feeling great! Following every bit of medical advice and with a lot of support from Dave Triska I rested, rebuilt slowly and recovered pretty quickly physically but mentally I struggled a lot… I got angry, I got sad and I cried even more (well a lot more than normal). I’m not very good without goals and unlike a broken bone this was a complete unknown for me in terms of recovery so I felt completely at a loss.

About 4 weeks ago I started to train harder again, it was scary and a bit unpleasant but only then did I start to feel a bit more like me again and that’s when I reset goals and with Daniel Barnett came up with a realistic plan.

First race back is just about getting back into the swing of things isn’t it so no pressure? Hahah. Er nope, not me. I knew I wasn’t a million miles off were I was pre pericarditis and I wasn’t going to waste a ride on the F11 so my aim was sub 23mins (my PB previously 23.10)

I started too hard (standard) and ran out of gears a lot but I microburst the cr*p out of it and tried really hard to put the power down in all the right places plus I stuck my head down so low I almost missed the finish slip road.. (not sure if you can post that 😬)

I knew my average speed was where it needed to be but I couldn’t quite do the maths or see properly. Once I caught sight of the finish line I just emptied the tank and stopped my garmin thinking it said 23 not 22. I was obviously crying at this point, mostly with relief and then with joy when I realised it said 22.

Note to self: If I’d known I was so close to being in the 21’s I’m sure I’d have found those extra 5secs (we all say that don’t we) 🙈 Also just to point out I was on my standard wheels, no fancy pants disc or anything… 5 secs right there I tell you!

Back at HQ and there it was in full glory ‘22.05’ AMAZING!!!!! I high fived the nearest person to me, an elderly gentleman, and cried a bit more until he offered me his hanky.

So there you have it. First goal ticked off and (no life dramas permitting) I think we can get a full house by the end of this year. Thanks to Dan for working his magic!!! 👊🏻👊🏻

Thank you also to everyone in the team for the kind words when I was poorly.

It’s flippin awesome to be back!