I’d planned to do the BDCA 100 on Sat but after a couple of the Midlands Women’s TT series races were rescheduled to the same weekend I made the tough but logical decision to withdraw and focus on these to be in with a chance of winning the series.

Saturday: K46/10 I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt on a bike, my numbers were looking good and I was going well. Then, coming into a fast winding descent half a mile from the finish, disaster struck as I dropped and jammed my chain!? Ive no idea how much time I lost but once I’d sorted it (on the third attempt) I rode the last half a mile in anger, covered in oil. I still finished 2nd but all that meant was that 3 of us were now neck and neck on points going into Sunday’s race.

Sunday: K11/10T After a pep talk from Dan I was all fired up. All In. I wanted this win so badly I dug deeper than I ever have before. I was sick in my mouth 3 times if that’s any indication. Crossing the line 1 min 20s faster than the last time I rode this course in May, I looked down at my hand which had scribbled on it ‘the comeback’ and I cried… and cried… and cried a bit more… people must’ve been thinking, who is this nutter!?

We did it though Daniel Barnett! My first ever open win which means I’ve also won the Midlands Women’s TT series! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dan for absolutely everything! (see I’m crying again now)

The morale of this story is ‘The comeback is always stronger than the setback! It just depends how badly you want it (and bloomin eck I wanted it bad)

It’s a privilege to be part of such a great series specifically for women and I promise I’ll write much more in my blog. Special mention to Denise Burrows who just missed out but was hugging it out with me at the end. What a star

Thank you to everyone for the kind words of encouragement and support and massive thanks to Liv Cycling UK, CEP, Science in Sport, ICE ID, Sundried and the Hampton Gym.