I got a shiny new Langma  (the Advanced Pro 0 Disc) back in February but with a focus on time trials for the start of the year didn’t get the chance to ride it as much as I would’ve liked to.

After an 18hr training week in France and over 350 miles covered together we’ve definitely bonded so I feel much better equipped to talk about this beautifully crafted bike.

Colour: I’ve ridden Liv bikes for over 4 years now and I’ve always loved the colour schemes but this year saw the introduction of some stunning rainbow metallics.  I don’t think the greyness of the UK always does these beautiful colours justice so getting out into the french sunshine meant that the blue/green colour and finish of my Langma simply dazzled and I think the dark base looks really classy.

Weight: The langma is described as featherlight so it’s definitely built for climbing but it also feels incredible descending and cornering.  I hit speeds of over 40mph without trying and felt totally at one with the bike, picking up lots of unintentional Strava QOMs throughout the week. Its light and responsive so handles beautifully in tight groups and I found myself effortlessly accelerating for changeover in the team time trial. All that plus its weight and slight frame means its dead easy to pack into a bike box as well! Bonus.

Disc brakes: Disc brakes are a first for me but I have to say I’m hooked. With lots of fast descending and tightly packed group riding I felt confident in the responsiveness/sharpness of the brakes and they also have really good modulation. 

Power: I’ve trained with power since working with Matt Bottrill in 2015 so a HUGE plus for me is the addition of a built in Giant Power Pro Double power meter! Previously I had to swap the crank arm from my time trial bike to road bike every time I changed bikes which was a bit of a faff plus this model is dual sided so measures power from both sides (legs). If you are serious about training/racing then personally I think power is a must.

Saddle: The Liv contact SL forward is my absolute all time favourite saddle. All I can say is that I tried lots of saddles in the early days and this works for me. To think that I’ve basically only ridden a TT bike (different saddle) so far this year and yet I can jump on and ride a full week of decent miles in the saddle with virtually no discomfort speaks volumes. It gets a bug thumbs up from me.

Summary: You may well be sat there thinking. Yeah thanks Debbie but what are the negatives? The honest answer is there aren’t any.  I’m a little bit in love with the look of the new Envieliv but in terms of performance the Langma held its own against the aero road bikes for the Individual time trial. The only thing I would change is to a set of deeper rimmed wheels for racing on flat courses.

So there you have it, if you want a light, agile, responsive bike made for climbing then the Langma is the right bike for you.

Read more about the full spec of the Langma Advanced Pro Disc 0 here and then click to download a PDF.

Happy Peddling 🙂

Duathlon Girl 


Published April 2019 by Liv Cycling UK