I first wore compression socks when my calves started getting tight running. I didn’t really know the science behind them I just knew they felt nice, so I picked socks based on colour or what was on offer rather than quality.

I’d been using the CEP range a long time before I became an ambassador and it’s no surprise I was impressed with the quality because they produce medical grade products.

After a visit to their factory in Germany last year I’ve learnt a hell of lot more about how compression works and the benefits. I thought I’d share this, so you can make a more informed decision if you have been considering using compression too.

The first thing I can say with confidence is that not all compression brands are the same. The compression profiles (where the compression is distributed) varies massively so it’s worth doing a little research around this.

There are also 2 main types of compression. Compression used to promote recovery and performance compression. The compression profiles (the distribution of the compression) is different for both so it’s important to use the right product for your need.

There are 3 main benefits of compression

  1. Increased circulation which helps improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for more power and greater insurance.
  2. Increased stability the activation of skin receptors leads to improved muscle tension and a heightened sense of position and to promote the self-stabilisation of joints.
  3. Improved recovery Accelerated removal of metabolic waste products while replenishing energy reserves for faster recovery after sports.

As I Duathlete I wear socks rather than sleeves. Because I don’t swim, I don’t get wet and I prefer the feeling and support of socks. You don’t have to wear knee length socks to get the benefit of compression because even the shorter range offers mid foot and ankle support and stabilisation.

Here’s a few of my favourite products from the range

  • Run Tights – both the full length and ¾ tights are amazing. They give tired legs a real pick me up and they look great.
  • Merino Recovery socks – Perfect for evenings in the house after hard training or to drive home from races with tired legs. Plus of course essential for flights!
  • The 80s Range I have short and long socks in this range. Not only do they offer compression but they look great in the gym, on the bike, running or popping to the shops!
  • Arm Sleeves – great for chilly Spring and Autumn Duathlon’s and perfect for Cyclocross. They offer warmth and support when you need it most.

Read more about how compression could help you over at CEP Sports

I hope you’ve found that useful.  Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.

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