About Me

Debbie Bradley

2014 ITU Sprint Distance
Duathlon World Champion (40-44)

2015 ETU Sprint Silver (40-44)
2017 British Duathlon Gold (40-44)
2018 National Duathlon Silver (45-49)
2019 Cycling Time Trials National Champion (45-49)


I run. I ride. I race. And repeat.

Where to start.. First and foremost I’m a full-time working mum, just trying to be the best version of me I can be and a positive role model to my daughter Lillie. Although sport and fitness has always been an important part of my life, I wasn’t a particularly talented youngster, I just wasn’t afraid of hard work.

This website is a platform for me to do some blogging and share my journey, but these ramblings aren’t just about me because that would be sooooo boring! Of course you’ll hear a bit about my training and racing but there will also be links to other sites, product reviews… basically people and stuff I like!

Thanks for reading and train well!

‘Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince’.